Paragon Culinary Excursion : Tour of the World’s Best Restaurants


Paragon by Modern Adventure is a new way to travel and immerse yourself completely in the regional cuisine, not merely sample it. This one of a kind culinary experience is purpose-built with deeply admired and respected brands and luminaries while creating a community that values going deeper.

Each trip offer a unique opportunity to engage with the world’s top talent and go behind the scenes of some of the most extraordinary and exclusive dishes around the world.

First of the five initially scheduled Paragon trips is the SingleThread Japan. This nine days, eight nights trip will be hosted by Kyle and Katina Connaughton of 3-Michelin star SingleThread Farm. Having lived, worked and raised a family together in Japan along with the relationships cultivated over the  decades, this culinary experience is your golden ticket to the rarest and most delicious experiences in Japan.

Paragon culinary Single thread japan

Limited to 8 – 16 guests, join them as you explore Japan’s history, design, architecture, ceramics and cuisine culture, shown in ways that reveal how these threads are so intimately connected.

“Paragon is an unprecedented opportunity to experience first-hand the care and relentless pursuit of craft that makes us who we are,” says Modern Adventure Founder and CEO Luis Vargas. “We created Paragon to celebrate the beauty of human potential across the world, and Paragon’s luminaries will provide unparalleled access to these destinations and their incredible local artisans. It’s alchemy at its best.”

Four other Paragon trips are scheduled in 2023, led by luminaries whose connections to the chosen destinations run deep. Departures include Champagne, France with Dom Perignon, Friuli, Italy, Napa and Sonoma, and Yucatán and Mexico City.

Prices starting from $65,000 (approx. £54,440)



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