Croatia has quickly become one of Europes hottest destination thanks to the beautiful Adriatic coastline, enchanting towns and islands and well … Instagram. It is dotted with some of the most spectacular National Parks, one that is well worth visiting is the Krka National Park.

There are 7 emerald green waterfalls surrounded by beautiful lush green landscape and a loop of wooden trail over the lakes.

This UNESCO world heritage site is without a doubt one of Croatia’s most impressive National Parks. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at the pictures. It is even more awe-inspiring in real life.

Best time to visit the Krka Waterfalls 

Krka National Park can be visited at any time of the year. It is most visited in summer, one of the perks of visiting in summer is that you are allowed to swim in the waterfalls. Cooling down in the crystal clear emerald waterfalls during the summer heat is simply satisfying.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the National Park isn’t worth visiting other times of the year. The Krka National Park is especially beautiful during Autumn when the landscape that surrounds the cascading waterfalls is transformed into a multicoloured sea of leaves. It is a sight worth seeing, some people just visit the National Park to see the arrival of Autumn.

Krka waterfall in croatialandscape at krka national parks

Getting to the Krka National Park 

Krka National Park can be easily reached by bus or car. The closest towns are Split and Zadar. A day trip from either of these towns is easily manageable.

From Split

 If you are looking to travel on your own, you can take a bus from the Split Airport or the Split Bus Station in the city centre to Sibenik. The journey is around 1 hour 45 minutes and its a scenic one. From Sibenik you can take a bus to Skadin, which is a town just outside the park.

The quickest and easiest way of getting to the National Park is by taking a day trip with one of the many tour providers. Majority of the tours allow you enough time to explore the National Park on your own accord.

Tours we recommend are: Adriatic4you  and Pelicantourssplit

From Zadar

There is a direct bus from Zadar to the Krka Park during the summer. During the off-peak season catch a bus to Sibenik and from here take a bus to Skadin or Lozovac.

A few tips before you visit:

• From 2017, only a maximum of 10,000 visitors will be permitted at any one time so plan and book in advance

• The walking trail is mainly flat and wide but there is a lot of walking if you are looking to see most of the waterfalls so wear comfortable shoes

• If you are visiting the Nation Park in summer you can swim in the Waterfall so be sure to carry your swimwear and a towel with you

• As silly as it may sound once you are out in the water and see everyone else taking photos in the water it will hard to resist not to capture this powerful work of mother nature. Remember to get a waterproof case for your phone.

• After you have purchased your tickets you can take the bus ( which is included in the ticket price) down to the entrance of the lakes or if you are one of the brave ones you can walk all the way – heads up it is a long walk!  

• Boat excursions are available during the summer ( included in your ticket price ) are also a great way of a great way of exploring the park, as tempting as it may don’t spend all your time under the waterfalls there is a lot more to explore

swimming and snorking in the krka waterfallgirl in krka waterfalls 

The Waterfalls of Krka National Park

There are 4  main waterfalls out of the 7 total in the Krka National Park – Skradinski BukBilusica Buk, Manojlovac Slap and Roski Slap.

To see mother nature in all its glory we recommend visiting the bigger waterfalls. If you do have time the smaller waterfalls are also worth a visit and they are less crowded. Getting to the waterfalls is like a mini adventure there is a short wooden trail over the smaller lakes where water flows from all sides before you are treated to the magnificent big hitters.

One fascinating fact about these waterfalls is that they are also known as ‘calcium carbonate waterfalls’ as they are formed from calcium carbonate and limestone. the waterfalls are a result of the gradual build-up of dam-like barriers of travertine which only grow about 1 – 2 mm each year.

krka national park bridge by the watefalls

  Skradinski Buk – The main waterfall 

Skradinski Buk is the most powerful and the most popular waterfalls in the Krka National Park. Being in such close proximity of this powerful waterfall is honestly a surreal experience. It is the final waterfall along the course of the rka river. The water flows over 17 steps at Skradinski buk, distributed along the 800 meters before cascading into the lower lake.

The lower lake at the Skradinski Buk is a great spot for swimming.  

You can get up close and personal with the waterfall in the lower lake or if you want to keep dry this magical waterfall can be viewed from various platforms. There are bridges and walking trails around the area which allow you to get close with the National Parks waterfalls and the rich Floral and Fauna.

Bilusica Buk

The Bilusica Buk is the first waterfall along the course of the Krka river almost 12 km from its source. It is one of the easiest to reach with hiking trails clearly marked, watermills along the way giving you some insight into the history.  It might not be the biggest but it is certainly a powerful waterfall. You can hear the noise of the water before you even get to the waterfall itself.

walking trail at krka national park

Manojlovac Slap

 The Manojlovac slap waterfall can be found along the Knin-Kistanje road. This is the largest waterfall and the most picturesque with a height of 59.6m. The waterfall itself is breathtaking and during summer the mist creates a glorious rainbow in the air. The noise of the water cascading in the background, the canyon and the rainbow floating in the air will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Unlike the other waterfalls, there are no walking trails at Manojlovac slap which adds to the nature experience. To get the most beautiful view head over to the rim of the canyon on the Bukovac side.

Roski Slap

Roski Slap is one of the main attractions of this National Park but it is not as impressive as the mighty Skradinski Buk and there is an extra admission charge to see this part of the park.  It is known as the ‘vast waterfall’ due to its size. Getting to the Roski Slap is quite a fun journey as you navigate through the historic wooden steps, stumble across various water mills and the Ozidana Pecina cave.

The Hidden Gem 

Krka National Park has many little gems our favourite one is the island of Visovac. This little island which is the home to a Franciscan monastery. It sits right in the middle of the Visovac lake. It is possibly world’s most beautifully located monastery – a real tranquil retreat.

Getting to the island of Visovac:

As it sits right in the middle of the lake the only way to reach this hidden gem is via the boat excursions that run from the Krka National Park.

island of visovac
Photo courtesy of Krka National Park

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