London has been dominating the list of world greatest bars for many years. With so many unique and creative cocktails on offer in the city its time to up your Instagram game. There’s everything from broken glass ( don’t worry its the edible kind ), Apple that is filled with a cocktail, drink in a light bulb to a cocktail that arrives with a balloon – London just never fails to impress.

We have crawled our way through the London bars and have just the cocktails to adorn your Insta feed so get your phone charged up!


Artesian Bar

For 4 years in a row, the Artesian Bar at Langham hotel in London has acquired the impressive title of the ‘World’s Best Bar’ by Drinks International. Artesian is known for serving some of the most innovative cocktails and is always at the forefront of the London bar scene. The prices may be high but the jaw-dropping experimental cocktails are like no other in London.

Cocktails worth snapping at Artesian: 

mind your step - innovative cockatils in london

Mind your step cocktail served with edible pieces of broken glass

Who would have thought broken glass and cocktails would go hand in hand. ‘Mind your step’ cocktail at Artesian features broken glass but don’t panic this glass is actually edible and is made from orange blossom. This cocktail is a mix of Ron Zacapa 23 rum, Heron pisco, Sour Sop but what makes this cocktail so Instagrammable is the presentation – it looks as if the cocktail has been dropped on the floor. 

Perpetual Motion – served in a barrel and a moving glass 

artesian most instagrammable cocktails london

The ‘Perpetual Motion’ cocktail is served from a barrel and in an ever moving glass  – need we say more? Its the perfect cocktail boomerang for your feed. This uniquely presented cocktail is made from Facundo Eximo rum, Martini Ambrato and Rubino and artichoke. 


 Aviator bar at Hush Mayfair 

Hush Mayfair has been making cocktails for many years so its safe to say they know a thing to two about cocktails. The Aviator bar at Hush Mayfair which is tucked away down a narrow cobblestoned street has really taken it up a notch by serving cocktails inspired from all corners of the globe from Asia to Europe honouring the golden age of travel.

Cocktail worth snapping at Hush:

Forbidden Cityserved in a light bulb 

most instagrammable cocktails hush london

‘Forbidden city’ cocktail is inspired by the secrets of China’s ancient dynasties. This cocktail inspired by the far eastern dream is served in a light bulb – how cute! Not only that, it features the world’s most valuable spirit HKB Baijiu along with Crystal Head Aurora Vodka, LBV Port and is served with Fresh Grapes.




Cocktails at Nightjar are guaranteed to adorn your Instagram feed. Every single cocktail will leave you impressed not only by their presentation but also by their unique taste and ingredients used. Nightjar has set the bar quite high for speakeasies in London.

Cocktail worth snapping at Nightjar:

Alchemist’s brewserved in a steaming copper pot alchemist brew photo worthy cocktails in london

The ‘Alchemist’s Brew’ is made for sharing. The entrance of this cocktail is one to impress, arriving in a smoking copper pot and served with dry ice creates a dramatic arrival. This Insta-friendly cocktail features Monkey Shoulder whisky, a mix of rums, milk oolong chai, pineapple syrup, Ceylon Arrack, citrus, and quinoa water. 


The Cocktail Trading Company 

The Cocktail trading company serves some of the most imaginative and playful cocktails. Their adventurous cocktails which are superbly presented taste every bit as good as they look. The cocktails are served in pretty much anything you can think of from a tissue box to apples to seashells.

Cocktail worth snapping at The Cocktail Trading Company: 

Jack Roseserved in an Apple on a wooden stump

bars that serve instagrammable drinks

Yes, you read it right ‘Jack Rose’ is served in a hollow apple on a tree stump – talk about being innovative! This sweet treat is made up of Jagermeister banoffee, ginger-redbush gelato and Jack Daniels.



One bar that knows how to present cocktails in a fun and creative way is Purl. Want a balloon with your drink? maybe a marshmallow or fancy drinking your cocktail from a teacup? Purl know exactly how to take a cocktail up that extra notch. It’s hard to resist taking a photo when the cocktail looks this good.

Cocktail worth snapping at Purl:

Cerez Jokerserved with a helium balloon 

best instagrammable cocktails in london purl with balloon

No matter how old you get we all secretly get excited about a balloon and even better if it comes with a cocktail. ‘Cerez Joker’ at Purl will not fail to impress. Their classic ‘Cerez Joker’ come with a ballon which is detonated at your table – talk about a grand entrance! It tastes just as good as it looks with Grey Goose, Cherry Marnier, Krupnik, honey, lemon, egg white and orange.