One Sloane – Where British Heritage Meets French Flair

Tucked away in one of Chelsea’s charming 19th-century century façade is London’s newest luxury boutique hotel – One Sloane. Situated on a peaceful residential street near Sloane Square, One Sloane seamlessly blends the allure of quiet British charm and curated French craftsmanship.

A collaboration between the renowned Parisian hotelier Costes and his trusted circle of exceptional French artisans, recognised architect and interior designer François-Joseph Graf has breathed new life into this elegant Victorian mansion, elevating its feel of a quaint English house to a refined and discreet hotel.

One Sloane

Originally designed by architect Edwin Thomas Hall in 1889, the building at 1 Sloane Gardens has undergone an extensive six-year renovation to transform it into the exquisite boutique hotel it is today. As soon as you step into One Sloane, the lighting creates a captivating atmosphere that draws your attention to the intricate ceiling cornices, wood wall panelling, stained-glass windows, and playful trompe l’oeil. The vestibule is adorned with Neo-Greek friezes, decorated with mosaics and vases that add to the overall charm of the space.

The lobby features a painted stormy skied ceiling from which chandeliers are suspended, and over 700 lights throughout the hotel, including original Benson lamps or faithful recreations. The lobby is a sight to behold, with Greek vases, antique chairs, curtains, rugs, mosaic tiling, and cabinets that add to the beauty of the space. The lobby also houses a curated library, making it a perfect spot to relax and unwind.

One Sloane

Chelsea’s long history of affiliation with the artistic movement served as inspiration for the Arts and Crafts aesthetic seen throughout the building. William Morris wallpaper and mirrors adorn the staircase, and corridors leading to bedrooms and suites feature hand-painted calligraphy. “The guiding principle is always the same: to respect the original features and enhance them, so they can be brought into the 21st century,” says Francois-Joseph Graf.

One Sloane hotel features 30 rooms and suites that exude the warmth and comfort of a family home. The hotel offers six distinct room styles : Appartement Sloane, Suite Sloane, Chambre Sloane, Grande, Petite, Essentielle. Each of the bespoke rooms and suites evokes the timeless British charm with a hint of Anglo-Asian aesthetic. Cream English panelling on the walls and ceilings contrasting and complementing the Japonisme styled desks resonate with the intimate feeling of a private residence.

The rooms are bursting with restored antique furniture, sometimes replicated, with a nod to Godwin and Mackintosh, while other striking touches include stained-glass windows, walk-in wardrobes, and black and white photography celebrating personalities connected to the area, vintage wallpaper, and whimsical trompe l’oeil. To realise François-Joseph Graf’s vision, dozens of artisans and craftspeople collaborated to create no less than 21 carpet designs, 19 curtain designs and 50 custom made fabrics, next to exquisite objets d’art to ensure that each room assumes its own style.

The magnificent, light-filled restaurant at One Sloane, which is housed on the brand-new top floor, was inspired by Thomas Jeckyll and James McNeill Whistler’s 19th-century masterpiece, The Peacock Room. Serving traditional Parisian dishes, this all-day restaurant’s exquisite cupola offers an octagonal room with views of Chelsea as well as panoramic views of London‘s skyline.

The most ‘Parisian’ space at the hotel can be accessed through a private entrance on Holbein Place. Step inside the intimate world of the lower-ground speakeasy, complete with candlelight, resident DJ that play seductive soundtrack of vintage albums, signature cocktails and fine wine. One Sloane is now open for reservations.


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* All listings featured in this article were independently selected. All the images are courtesy of One Sloane.