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London’s Indian food scene is guaranteed to leave your taste buds tingling. A wide variety of traditional dishes from north to south of India as well as a fresh take on the traditional recipes, London has it all when it comes to Indian food. We have worked our way across London and bring you some of the best Indian food London has to offer.

“Nothing brings people together like good food”



best indian restaurants in london benares soho

Situated in Berkeley Square in the heart of London’s Mayfair, this is one of the finest Michelin starred restaurants in the capital. With hand-crafted furniture, water features and an exotic, but elegant interior, Benares offers modern Indian cuisine with a contemporary British twist. The finest British ingredients are combined to create unique Indian dishes that change the way people perceive and experience Indian fine dining in London.

Must try dish: Crispy Soft-Shell Crab




Photo: @al.maiiith

Overlooking Regent Street, this iconic restaurant has been serving fine Indian Cuisine since 1926 and is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in the capital. Classical Indian dishes have been finely tuned for the 21st century. The décor is maharajah inspired and creates the perfect setting for Indian fine dining in London. Vegetarian options are available too.

Veeraswamy is well known for its exotically presented cocktails that are made with colourful seasonal ingredients and include the Veerawarmy 1926 classic – no wonder it was frequented by well-known personalities, who in the past, have included Mahatma Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin.

Must try at Veeraswamy:  Raj Kachori (Regal street food, large wheat puri filled with goodies, splashed with chutneys )



best indian restaurants in Jamwara

Jamavar was opened in 2016 in Mount Street, Mayfair, by the Leela Hotel Group which owns five top restaurants in India. Jamavar is a rich glossy venue inspired by the Viceroy’s house in New Delhi. There are unique flavours and secret recipes from all over India to enjoy; from the Royal kitchens of the north to the succulent dishes of the country’s southern shores for perfect Indian fine dining in London. There are tasting menus with accompanying wine flights which are an eclectic range of wines from major grape growing regions around the world. There is a dazzling array of botanically themed cocktails. The newly introduced Sunday Royal Brunch is a truly indulgent selection of favourite Royal dishes

Must try dish: Chatpata Tawa Salad  (masala quinoa, seasonal vegetables, chopped apricot & chilli-honey dressing)


best indian restaurants in london gymkhana

Inspired by the Indian Gymkhana clubs where high society socialised, dined, enjoyed drinks and played sports, Gymkhana was awarded a Michelin star in 2014 for its excellent food which focuses on chatpatta and boldly priced sharing dishes. Gymkhana is beautifully decorated to capture the character of an Indian gymkhana with ceiling fans, suspended

from dark slatted oak ceilings, comfortable red leather seating and cut glass wall lamps brought from Jaipur. Gymkhana offers an authentic setting for Indian fine dining in London. The lower ground floor is a modern interpretation of a 17th century East India Punch House with a grand old brass bar as its focus. There is a specialised gin & tonic list and Its signature cocktail is Quinine Sour, which is in honour of the gin & tonic which was the drink of choice in the gymkhana clubs.

Must try dish: Scottish Salmon Tikka, Sage & Cardamom



Chutney Mary

best indian restaurants in london Chutney Mary

Created in 1990, Chutney Mary is a highly acclaimed and trend-setting fine dining restaurant situated in elegant St James. Enjoy a unique dining experience in this stylish restaurant with a glamorous bar. Dishes are a clever combination of Indian gourmet foods with world class presentation. The Pukka Bar offers a dazzling selection of wines, spirits – including artisan gins – and hand-crafted cocktails. The Weekend Brunch is fun and always popular.

Must try dish: Scallops Mangalorean Sauce and the famous chocolate bomb


best indian restaurants in london Amaya

Enjoy Indian cuisine tapas style at Amaya in the heart of Belgravia. This dramatic Michelin-starred restaurant offers a wide array of sophisticated grilled and baked dishes that have been marinade or coated with creative blends of complex seasonings. Dishes are prepared in its dramatic show kitchen that is elegantly presented in bite-sized portions that are perfect for sharing. Convention has been swept aside and there are no first or main courses, but a memorable journey of eclectic Indian taste sensations. A weekend lunch menu is also available.

Must try dish: Tandoori Ocean Wild Prawns



Tamarind of Mayfair

best indian restaurants in london tamarind of mayfair

This was one of the first Indian restaurants to be awarded a Michelin Star. Explore the sensory delights of Indian cooking with a stunning array of dishes from Northern India prepared using a wide range of regional cooking methods and given a modern twist to their texture and flavours. The focus of the kitchen is the traditional clay tandoor oven.

 Must try dish: Chargrilled lamb chops