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One of our favourite apps whilst travelling is Rome2Rio. No matter where you are in the world R2R will find you the transport you require to get you to your destination. Just put in where you are and where you need to be. R2R will do the rest! It will provide you with all your options including, planes, trains, buses, ferries, car journies along with the connections in between. It will quote you how long it will take you to get there, price, mileage also route numbers.  R2R makes figuring out the quickest and the cheapest route a lot easier.


Google Translate

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Google translate is one of the most impressive and useful apps out there right now, this blew our mind. Hold your camera over any menu or text and the app will translate this for you in your own language in real time. Break the language barrier with Google Translate.

Apps that will make travelling easier google translate


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This offline travel app gives you detailed maps, in-depth travel content, popular places to visit and insider tips. They also send you stories about the places you like so you can save and find them on your maps as you visit. It makes remembering and saving all the places you would like to visit fun and simple. Download the map for the destination you are visiting before your travel and all the information you require to explore will be in your pocket. You can even view your current location and get directions via GPS – no data required!

apps that will make travelling easier Rome 2 Rio


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If you haven’t already jumped on the Airbnb hype, then maybe it’s about time you did. The concept is simple: book a private room, share a room or book the entire place from locals. If you are looking for something different than the usual hotel room Airbnb is the perfect option.  You can stay in a penthouse with your own rooftop pool or in a treehouse without breaking the bank. Airbnb has recently introduced a feature which allows you to book local authentic experiences from cooking classes to excursions – definitely worth checking out!



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Travello lets you find other travellers around you. Create your profile and share your upcoming trips and see who else will be there at the same time. It also lets you search for new people to connect with, filter your search from travel blogging, digital nomads to solo travel. With an active social feed, post updates of your travel: photos, videos, advice and recommendations. It is a great app to connect with new people and make new friends on the road.


XE Currency 

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Currency and exchange rates may not be the most exciting aspect of travel but it is crucial. XE Currency Exchange app helps you keep tabs of exchange rates. You can load as many currencies as you require, the app automatically updates the rates if you are connected to the internet. It also works perfectly offline just update the rates before you travel.


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