Sexy Fish Launches Its New Kuikku Lunch Menu

Sexy Fish London is set to elevate your lunch experience as it launches a new, revitalised Kuikku Lunch Menu. Escape the cold and transport into an underwater paradise to indulge in the restaurant’s new lunch offering, curated by Chef Director Bjoern Weissgerber and nutritionist Aaron Deere.

Be spoiled for choice with an endless menu filled with a selection of dishes from six health, and wellness categories – protein power, immunity boosters, lean, pure indulgence, vegan, and longevity. Offering something for everyone, the Sexy Fish Kuikku concept achieves the perfect synergy of pleasure and performance. Start with a purifying juice shot, then select four exquisite plates and one sweet treat in line with your personal goals.

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For those wanting to make healthier choices, the Kuikku lunch menu offers a selection of protein focused and lean dishes perfect for a guilt-free dining experience. Highlights include the Chicken Kara Age & Tonkatsu Mayo, Caramelised Beef & Yusi Koshu, Miso Eggplant, Steamed Sea Bass with Coriander & Chilli, and Pickled Vegetable Salad & Spices.

Additionally, for anyone looking to boost their immunity, the menu includes a selection of immunity builders such as a White Miso Soup, Green Dragon Maki, and Grilled Tiger Prawn with Chilli & Lime. The menu also features a wide selection of nourishing vegan dishes such as Grilled Asparagus & Eggplant and Crispy Tofu with Chilli & Lime.

Alternatively, if you are looking to indulge, other dishes include Kimchi Fried Rice, Burrata, Kimchi & Pumpkin and Lobster, Sancho & Shiso Butter. What’s more, those with a sweet tooth can choose between fresh fruit salad or a mouth-watering caramel chocolate bar.

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Diners will also be able to enjoy cocktails from the Synergy menu, including guest favourites Chocolate & Wine, created with cacao nib infused Haku Vodka, cacao butter and sauternes, Cherry & Almond, incorporating Toki Whisky, cherry, almond, poppy seed and egg whites, and Pineapple & Coriander, featuring Coriander infused Roku Gin, coriander cordial, pineapple syrup, Noilly Prat, miraculous foamer, Sexy Fish larger and chilli infused sesame oil.

Chef Director, Bjoern Weissgerbersays: “I love good food but for lunch it is more important to have what makes us feel good. Our lifestyles are all different, so it is essential that we eat accordingly to our mood and what our bodies are craving. For this reason, we worked with a highly sought out nutritionist, Aaron Deere to design the menu. It has been an interesting journey to create and shape the menu with a nutritionist, taking the flavours of Sexy Fish and combining them with invaluable knowledge.”

Enter the outlandish, flamboyant world of Sexy Fish to experience the new Kuikku Lunch Menu. Available from Monday to Friday from 12pm – 4.30pm. Priced at a remarkable £38.00 per person.


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