The Rooster : Luxury Wellness Retreat On The Greek Island Of Antiparos

Settled between the sandy beaches of the Aegean coastline and the dynamic landscape of the Cyclades, among open fields and the mysterious caves of Antiparos island is this hidden gem boutique hotel called The Rooster. Antiparos is one of Greece’s Cyclades islands (along with Mykonos and Santorini). Offering authenticity of Greek island life, this luxury hotel in Antiparos is a great place to relieve yourself of the rituals of daily life and take a relaxing holiday.

the rooster luxury hotel in greece Antiparos

Offering a slow living experience to make you feel healthy, rejuvenated and disconnected from the world, The Rooster celebrates privacy and health through the unity of nature and the local community. The Rooster in Antiparos features 17 independent houses all with their own character so you can feel at home, each is complete with ample space, private gardens, its own freshwater pool and outdoor showers. They have four different designs to choose from all with plenty of space, their own private gardens and breathtaking views of the ocean and the nearby landscapes.

the rooster antiparos greece

The decor at The Rooster is very understated, minimal and unpretentious luxury. Every attention has been paid to the details to provide a holistic experience for a mindfulness escape. From the chosen the colour pallette to the furnishing, all blend together to create a calming atmosphere. With the use of organic wood, shiny marble and soft cotton to create an “wabi-sabi” aesthetic, which appreciates beauty that is imperfect and natural to enhance the feeling of luxury, isolation and contentment with nature. 

the rooster antiparos greece bedrooms
the rooster antiparos greece interior

sea villa the rooster luxury hotel in garden view suitepool the rooster Antiparos greece

The gastronomic offering at The Rooster had adopted a farm-to-table method, where the food is sourced from the local suppliers and their own farm. Dishes feature fish, which are freshly caught by the local fishermen, local fruit and vegetables alongside locally produced eggs and cheeses from the hotels own farm.

There is also an opportunity to visit the farm and learn about the traditional farming techniques and pick indigenous vegetables and herbs to make your own meal, before partaking in interactive cooking sessions en plein air with a local cook. Picnic menu full of organic goodness and beverages is also available to take to the nearby Livadia beach.

the rooster antiparos greece

the rooster outdoor showers
the rooster antiparos greece dining view

Head to the open air bar which has alluring views of the sea and a delightful view of the sunset. This luxury hotel in antiparos also has a secret garden nearby, a very romantic place situated close to the bar with lights dancing overhead and placed within the trees and flowers that spread their own charm. 

the rooster antiparos greece viewgarden view suitepool the rooster Antiparos

Wellbeing is at the core of The Rooster’s philosophy, their “Wake-up-Call” approach to wellness is all about escaping the day to day life and embracing the values of slow living. The Rooster offers sustainable holistic custom made spa treatments, the spa is designed specially as a temple for relaxing, recharging and rejuvenating. There is also a yoga pavilion offering complimentary yoga and meditation during a stay. 

wellness the rooster greece

The Rooster is a luxury wellness retreat in antiparos ideal for those who appreciate and seek to find peace in nature. Another Greek island property worth exploring with a similar vibe is F Zeen located on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece.



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