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Havelis, were built over a century ago in India, they were dotted all around india but over the years they have disintegrated or been replaced with newer buildings. However, Rajasthan is still a home to many Havelis which have been preserved, Havelis are essentially traditional private mansions which once belonged to wealthy merchants and rulers.

They are lavishly decorated, with intricate artwork and adorned with painted ceiling. Perfect not just for a holiday but also for history buff or photographers. Rajasthan is home to some luxurious Havelis, however if you are looking to experience a heritage Haveli on a budget Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli offers a great alternative.


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Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli was built in 1902. Located centrally in old town right in the heart of the blue city of Jodhpur at the base of the Mehrangarh Fort. A authentic heritage Haveli which captures the charm of Rajasthan perfectly and gives you a insight into the bygone era. It is in walking distance from all the main tourist attractions and local markets. The Haveli is adorned with antique pieces and handicrafts, accommodating 28 rooms which are decorated is a traditional Rajasthani style with modern facilities.



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One of the main standouts in the rooftop at Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with an mesmerizing view of Mehrangarh Fort. We highly recommend trying the Marwari thali. Mehrangarh fort situated at a height of 400 feet above the city of Jodhpur and illuminates with bright golden lights in the night. If the heat of India gets a little too much, Krishna Prakash Haveli has several outdoor courtyards, lined with plants, fountains for a cooling effect.

 Best time to visit: Between November to February, when the climate is cool and pleasant



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